Mobile Health Unit A new milestone in the history of bioRe Association was laid when the Mobile Health Unit was launched in Nov 2006. The first of its kind in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

It was dedicated to the farmers by Mrs. Irene Kaufman from Coop Switzerland. It is an educative, diagnostic and curative facility on wheels. The unit has the most modern diagnostic facilities i.e. Pathology, X-rays, ECGs and provision for ultra sound. It travels to remote areas where primary health services and diagnostic facilities are hardly available or not available at all. Besides being a diagnostic unit, one of its basic aim is to educate people in matters related to cleanliness, hygiene, nutrition, pre and post maternal care. The mobile health unit has been sponsored by Coop Switzerland with a donation of USD 150,000. This unit has been manufactured by Siemens. It travels to remote areas everyday’s particular fix location and provide subsidized diagnostics facilities more than 50% of cost to its patients.

A total of 125917 patients have been benefited with this project since beginning up to March 2020. We have also organize several specialized camps where consultation and medicines are provided at free of cost.

MHU team – Team of mobile health unit comprises of a lady Dr. Shahina Ansari  leads the team at MHU bus. She is Homeopath by profession and her focus has been to reach out to more women patients in the rural villages. Mr. Aslam khan is X-Ray and ECG technician. Mr. Mukesh Surage is the Pathologist, Mr. Lokesh Patidar is the pharmacist and Mr. Narayan and Rajendra are the support staff in the bus.