bioRe Association is working with FIBL, Switzerland on various agriculture research interventions.
A system comparison field experimental (LTE) trial in a cash crop –based production system with cotton, soybean, wheat & chickpea in a two year crop rotation is established.

Four treatments:

(1) Organic (2) biodynamic (3) Conventional

(4) Conventional farming with genetically modified (GM) cotton was found to reflect the prevailing concerns of farmers.

The long term trials have been continuing since 2007.

Participatory Technology Development activities have been conducted with around 300 organic farmers till year 2021.

We are working on pest management, soil fertility management, rotational trial and alley cropping trial for betterment of the organic farming practices.

Cotton cultivator trial (CCE) was initiated in collaboration with University of Agriculture Sciences Dharwad (Karnataka state) since 2011.

It’s one of the largest and most intense non GM cotton breeding and evaluation trials of India,
conducted on organic conditions.

bioRe intends to create a seed bank of non GM cotton seed for a secure future for farmers as non GM cotton seed is disappearing slowly.

These trials are done on heavy as well as light soil conditions.