bioRe Association is working on various agriculture research interventions as implementing partner in association with main partner institution bioRe India. Under the scientific guidance and leadership of Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBl) Switzerland it has been implementing.

The Following  Research Programmes

  • Long term system comparison trials: These trails were initiated in the year 2007. Under this research we observe four different farming systems i.e. Biodynamic, Organic, Conventional and GMO in cotton, wheat and soyabean. The main intention being to establish a scientific basis on performance and potential of organic production system. Results of two phases have been made public.
  • Participatory on farm research (POR)The objective of POR is the participatory development of locally adopted technologies together with organic farmers. Under this research we try to review and improve existing organic farming practices of farmers by giving them more scientific basis. We also work on developing new techniques for farmers to improve their field performance by better soil fertility management and / or pest management.

Present Topics of Research are

  • Manure trial (how can the efficiency of phosphate rock in the local organic cropping system be increased?
  • What is the possible contribution of nitrogen fixing plants such as gliricidia, sesbania and crotalaria to the local organic production system?
  • Cotton pest trial ( check the effectiveness of the home made bio pesticides against various cotton pests)
  • Over 50 organic farmers participate yearly on POR trials.

bioRe Association together with bioRe India is also implementing Cotton cultivation trial (CCE). These trials were initiated in collaboration with University of Agriculture Science, Dharwad. It is one the largest and intense non GM cotton breeding and evaluation trials in India conducted under organic conditions.