Farmers training – bioRe has been making sincere efforts to improve quality of life of organic farming communities working with us . Organic and biodynamic farming are the appropriate and affordable farming techniques in improving soil fertility and brining up economy of farming communities. Farmers’ training is a key at bioRe. The training curriculum is designed as per the needs of the farmers. Major contents of this programme are basic principles of organic and biodynamic farming, soil fertility management, pest management, women’s training, formation of women’s groups and exposure visits etc.

Every bioRe farmers receives quality training every year. A training team of 5 members work round the year on the farmers training issues.

Agriculture Research –   bioRe is working on various agriculture research interventions. bioRe Association together with Institute of organic agriculture (FiBl) has launched long term system comparison trials. This research has been designed for a period of no less than 10 years. Under this research we observe four different farming systems i.e. biodynamic, organic, and conventional and GMO in cotton, wheat and soyabean. The main intention being to establish a scientific basis on performance and potential of organic production system.

We are working on cotton pilot trial, pest control and cotton cultivator evolution, these are trials from the year 2011. Cotton cultivation trial (CCE) was initiated in collaboration with University of Agriculture Science Dharwad. It’s one the largest and intense non GM cotton breeding and evolution trials in India conducted on organic conditions.  bioRe intends to create a seed bank of non GM cotton for farmers in future.